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Lightening the load

CIBSE Journal June 2016
2016-06-13 ♦ CIBSE Jun16 pp37-38 Chiller Battersea v2-1.pdf ♦ 686 kB

Air conditioning in Battersea’s Riverlight development will be provided by a ground source district cooling and heating scheme and three large chillers. IFTech director Nick Boid explains how it works

Riverlight project

High efficiency Carrier chillers used in pioneering Ground Source London district cooling and heating scheme
2016-02-09 ♦ Riverlight project.pdf ♦ 1941 kB

Designed and installed by ground source system designer and installer IFTech Ltd, the environmentally sustainable scheme is believed to be the largest open loop ground source project of its kind in the UK.

IFTech UK Brochure

2015-06-30 ♦ iftech_uk_brochure.pdf ♦ 687 kB

Brochure about IFTech UK with an introductory text and an infogram.

Storing Heat Underground

Article published in Geodrilling International
2013-03-01 ♦ Geodrilling Ground Source article - Boode and IFTech.pdf ♦ 443 kB

UTES and ATES systems can help developments meet UK government renewable-energy targets. Written by Nick Boid of IFTech Ltd. and Scott Dronsfield of Boode Waterwell Systems.

IFTech and the Riverlight Project - a major mixed-use development scheme

Article published in Premier Construction magazine
2012-12-15 ♦ Premier Construction Riverlight.pdf ♦ 1204 kB

Editorial on Riverlight; the mixed use development along Nine Elms Lane, London. IFTech will provide the heating and cooling for the development.

Operational management of large scale systems in Hospitals UTES

Paper presented at the congress Innostock 2012
2012-06-20 ♦ OperationalManagement LargeScale UTES systems Innostock 2012.pdf ♦ 784 kB

This paper compares the implementation and operation of systems ATES and BTES in hospitals and points out the similarities and differences between the two technologies.

Underground Solution

Article published in CIBSE Journal
2011-10-01 ♦ CIBSE Publication 2011 NMM.pdf ♦ 371 kB

The National Maritime Museum has a hidden exhibit that is providing an innovative source of low carbon energy. Andy Pearson investigates.

Investigating the feasibility of storing and using waste heat from power stations

Article published in Eco Building Magazine
2011-01-01 ♦ Eco Building Magazine 2011.pdf ♦ 3465 kB

An article by the Energy Technologies Institute.

ATES 20,000 Systems in the Netherlands in 2020

Major step towards a sustainable energy supply
2009-11-15 ♦ ATES in NL in 2020 (1).pdf ♦ 1052 kB

Underground storage of thermal energy in aquifers can have an important contribution to the ambitious EU energy objectives for 2020. The Netherlands is a leader in the application of ATES with 1,000 systems in operation. To accomplish savings in total energy consumption of 2% the number of systems will have to increase to 20,000 in 2020.

ATES in the Netherlands, beginning 2005 status

The status quo of ASET-A in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2005
2009-11-11 ♦ ATES_in_NL_status2005.pdf ♦ 160 kB

Paper on the history, applications and systems development of Thermal Energy Storage in Aquifers in the Netherlands. When this article was published in the Netherlands over 400 systems were in operation. Most had a cooling capacity of between 500 and 2,000 kWt. By 2009 there were more than 1,000 systems. The biggest project is a thermal power plant of 20 MWt.

Aquifer thermal energy storage: theoretical and operational analysis

2009-01-19 ♦ paper 9P0221 19Jan09.pdf ♦ 802 kB

PHD Thesis on Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage

Underground Thermal Energy Storage for Efficient heating & cooling of buildings

Paper for the International Energy Conference I3CON
2008-03-31 ♦ Article3_IFTech31March08.pdf ♦ 1377 kB

Paper presented by Marcel Hendricks of IFTec GeoEnergia, Aart Snijders of IFTech International and Nick Boid of IFTech Ltd.




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